An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise For All Ages

An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise For All Ages

Lockdowns have made us all realise that confinement in physical buildings and motor cars for most of our waking and sleeping days is no way to spend what we now realise is our very precious time on Mother Earth. But for many, the big question is; how do I really get out there into the wide open spaces if I have never got beyond a brief stroll in the nearby park – or maybe I have done so by participating in Park Runs or Walk for Life. These are great urban institutions to get you outside but, as in most urban activities, you are surrounded by other humans when what you really want and need is space and isolation.

There are few places that can match Lindani to get you out there. While we do have outstanding mountain biking and hiking trails, Lindani is much more than these. If you enjoy being on two wheels, Lindani offers the full range over and above mountain biking – riding on endless farm roads through beautiful mountain bushveld just with your family or partner, watching your kids enjoy either the bike park for older children or the mini bike park for littlies, riding a 120km circuit of back roads through beautiful scenery if you are into gravel-road riding and endless paved roads with virtually no traffic for roadies. Everyone coming to Lindani should bring a bike whatever the size or design.

There are also many, like the writer, who prefer two legs to two wheels. Again, Lindani is much more than vigorous and often challenging hiking. On a 3000 ha property there are endless opportunities to just walk or stroll without seeing another soul. The Tree Walk is only
half a km. And then for those for whom walking is too sedate, there is enough space for challenging, endurance trail running or going for a 5km jog before breakfast and everything in between. For those who now find exercise a bit more daunting, there are beautifully positioned
benches that enable you to sit and enjoy the complete peace and beautiful scenery that make Lindani special.
Taking a picnic basket to a private picnic site at the dam, enjoying a Sunset Supper at the outdoor boma overlooking a perennial stream, or sitting round the fire and braaing at your own private lodge are all great outdoor experiences.

Add complete isolation to all of the above – there are nine widely scattered, completely private accommodation units, each with their own pool, whose guests – probably not more than 30 to 40 max in total for the whole property – are spread over 3000 hectares.

Lindani is the ideal ‘new normal’ getaway.

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