Beautiful Autumn In The Waterberg


Beautiful Autumn In The Waterberg

The past month has been horrible for both the world and South Africa.
Devastating cyclone damage, flooding and consequent loss of life just around the corner from us in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, the brutal and hate-filled killing of innocent people of faith in New Zealand, political leaders in the UK failing completely to be the leaders of the British people, yellow vests running around Paris causing destruction.

And in South Africa the revelations as to how deeply corruption has penetrated the soul of our beautiful country, load-shedding causing enormous personal and economic stress, reports of major retrenchments likely in the banking and mining industries, the failure of any meaningful debate in the election campaigns as to how to address South Africa’s major social problems.

All of this seems to be too much to handle on top of our individual daily struggles.
But as I look out the window writing this letter, I see garden birds flitting back and forth and diving down to the bird-bath for a joyous splash, a group of stately Kudu females drinking at the waterhole as if time is absolutely not an issue and I realise that there is another world which is waiting to be enjoyed.

May and June are just around the corner. These are the most beautiful months to be in the Waterberg’s mountain bushveld –warm still days with clear blue skies, cool nights still warm enough to sit outside around the fire under magnificent starlit skies listening to the silence, the bush starting to show its autumn colours.
This is without doubt the best time to stay at one of our totally private ‘home from home’ lodges, to enjoy Waterberg mountain biking at its best on our trails which are ready for winter riding, exploring our hiking trails and taking in the amazing trees, rocks and stunning views, ordering a picnic basket and enjoying good food from the Lindani Farm Kitchen while letting time drift by sitting alongside the Skebenga dam.

The Lindani experience gets you out there, slows you down and reveals to you the beautiful side of our world at a time when the weather helps to show-off the Waterberg at its best – and in May the elections will be over!
I cannot wait for May.

– Sam van Coller

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