Getting Out There

Getting Out There

Whenever I visit the big city, I am amazed at the stoic behaviour of city people. That human beings have decided that is the way they want to live is crazy. And yet more and more migrate to the city. I was one of those as a child – grew up in a small village and couldn’t wait to start working in Johannesburg. For many, I guess it is about having to find a job that will sustain a family.

But it is the young children that I worry about, growing up in a Tuscan mansion that covers ninety percent of the stand into which the house has been squeezed or behind heavy security arrangements in older suburbs where standard houses still exist. The Tablet/I-Pad becomes the key entry point to enjoyable life – life is viewing others living by looking through a window or listening to music that to us oldies just sounds like noise.

I was talking to a Lindani guest this week who spoke of how, when struggling to cope with the demands of ‘Topsy Turvy’ MTB trail on his mountain bike, his 24 year old qualified doctor son  brightly commented, “but Dad you taught me to mountain bike on this trail when I was 12 years old.”

That is what Lindani is about; ‘Getting Out There’ with your children and creating family memories for them of a childhood in which there was space to be free and to enjoy the excitement and wonders of exploring nature and in many ways discovering yourself.

We have been trying hard over the last few years to make it easier for families to get out there

  • Upgrading our mountain bike trails to make them more rider-friendly
  • Ensuring that the hiking trails are kept clear and well sign-posted
  • Building a lapa – named ‘Makgethelo’ – overlooking a pool in the Koperspruit where children can play in the stream for hours and families can gather for a Picnic Basket Lunch or Sunset Supper provided by The Lindani Farm Kitchen
  • Developing a Tree Walk where members of the family can together start learning to identify the beautiful trees of the Waterberg and have fun testing themselves to see how much has been remembered
  • Opening a Peace Place where parent and child can have the sort of one on one time together that is simply not possible in the big rush of city life and yet so essential

We will also soon be offering a short guided walk just for children followed by time to enjoy the Koperspruit and a kid’s brunch

Our grandchildren all treasure the memories they have of the space, freedom and beauty that Lindani gave them. I have a feeling that wonderful childhood memories are being made each weekend on our beautiful farm and it gives us great joy.

Sam van Coller

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