Hiking At Lindani

Hiking At Lindani

Being situated on the eastern edge of the Waterberg where the plateau starts to break up as it nears the dramatic eastern escarpment makes Lindani a wonderful hiking destination for both young and old hikers.

Hikers want variety and don’t enjoy footslogging through never-ending sameness. Lindani more than meets this challenge in terms of both its topography and animal life. It starts with the two very different geological systems; the extremely old Waterberg sedimentary sandstone and the more recent dolerite intrusion that runs right across the property. The sedimentary sandstone is revealed in massive cliffs where the layers of sandstone deposited over more than a billion years can be clearly seen. In addition the weathering over such a long time has produced shapes and groupings of rocks that are a never-ending fascination. The dolerite intrusion has resulted in a complete metamorphosing of the sandstone resulting in more dramatic outcrops and completely different weathering.

Alongside the rock formations, the trees of the Waterberg mountain bushveld offer the hiker never ending visual rewards. Over and above the considerable botanical diversity, it is the elegant shapes and textures of the stems that provide the hiker with such appeal. Nothing can beat the Burkea africana for its endless variation in shape and elegance. And then there are streams and wetlands, open savannah and spectacular views because of the height of the Klipheuwel mountains and the variety of game and birds to complete the hiking experience. We are rerouting the Mountain Trail to take in some of the more special areas of the property and to make it a little more challenging.

Hiking the Lindani trails is a worthwhile outing – come and try them out.

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