Human Rights and Lindani

Human Rights and Lindani

It’s Human Rights day on 21st March.

So much has been written on human rights and the cliché that human rights must be accompanied by obligations. I want to write about Lindani and a different human right – the right to be included.

Over the years, Lindani has, by good fortune, drifted towards becoming an increasingly inclusive institution.
Our whole family now participates in key decisions so we have their ongoing support for what we do here.
Many of you are aware of the involvement of the staff in the running of Lindani. All individual staff members are treated as equally important. With the exception of individual personal confidential information, all staff have the right to know what is going on at Lindani. There are no secrets in our management meetings and staff are regularly updated on the financial results. Staff attitudes reflect their appreciation for this policy.

Our guests have increasingly given us feedback in the most constructive and non-aggressive way where we have not performed adequately. We get so many valuable suggestions from guests on how the product can better meet their requirements. This has paved the way for us frequently to ask guests’ opinions before taking decisions. Recently a guest has given us considerable time and shared his expertise in helping Lindani to formulate a forward strategy on energy.
Co-operation among all the stakeholders has been crucial in taking what is essentially a ‘mom and pop show’ to where it is today.
Would it were the same in our beloved country where exclusion has characterised our history and still continues.
Inclusion brings co-operation; exclusion brings conflict, corruption and power abuse.
Enjoy and treasure Human Rights Day.

Sam van Coller

  • Michael Calamia
    Posted at 08:26h, 04 March Reply

    I wholehearted agree Sam. When we cooperate things change for the better for everyone. Exclusion lines pockets while depriving the needs of many. Thank you for speaking out on this, and for your example of inclusion. As you continue to “include” you will see attitudes change because people actually want things to be better. Let’s pass this on to others, especially generationally. We stand with you and will do our part.

  • David Sherring
    Posted at 09:34h, 04 March Reply

    All I can say is ‘well done’ Lindani. The small self reliant “Republic of Lindani” is a shining beacon that some larger organisations would be wise to follow for the benefit of all.
    David Sherring

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