Lindani And The Road Ahead

Lindani And The Road Ahead

We have been thinking of our many Lindani friends locked down in a city environment with so little real space in which to move. We have often wished for a magic wand that could just bring you here, even for a few hours, to walk in the freedom of the bush – extremely difficult for all of you.

We would also like to thank our many guests who were booked to stay at Lindani during lockdown for opting to move their bookings to a later date. This has been an enormous help. Just like all the other hospitality destinations, the lockdown has had a huge impact on our reserves. We paid our employees in full for March but have agreed with them to work half time for the next three months and apply to UIF for top up pay to compensate employees for lost earnings. Their willingness to go along with this has been gratifying.

Despite the complete uncertainty facing us all, we have to think forward and be ready for what we hope will be a much better world, even though the economic decline will be severe.

Maybe there will be;
– A greater commitment for human beings to live by the rules of mother Earth instead
of expecting mother Earth to live by rules of human beings.
– A greater determination to care for all human beings instead of the obsession with
climbing ladders and ignoring the cries of those who were unable even to get a foot
on the ladder.
We hope so.

We will be ready to operate as soon as the lockdown is lifted or amended to make it possible for us to receive guests. We believe more than ever that there is a need for places like Lindani where people can escape into their own corner of the natural world free from the hassle of the mad world we have created.

For a start we will accept ‘No Deposit Bookings’ until life returns fully to normal. The way it will work is that, if another guest requests a booking that has already been taken, we will request the first guest to indicate whether they still want the booking. We hope this will work
to the benefit of both sides. We also believe we need to be much more flexible in the way we package and price our product. We will be working on this in the week ahead and hope to come up with some new offerings that will persuade you to get out there again soon.

Take care, keep safe, God bless and see you soon.

  • Fern van de Pol
    Posted at 12:44h, 15 April Reply

    Thanks so much for your understanding. We have 3 bookings pending, but it’s hard to get cash commitments from big groups. Sadly we had to postpone our April booking. As soon as the lockdown lifts, I’ll be there (finances permitting of course!)
    Please keep safe all at Lindani, and please let people now think of a different world, with focus on the earth and each other, especially the more vulnerable.

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