Lindani In 2021

Lindani In 2021

The pandemic has given us a chance to think about the road ahead in so far as this is possible with all the uncertainty.

It seems there are two imperatives:
– We have to offer products that make Lindani sustainable – something it has not achieved thus far.
– We will also have to navigate using four crucial beacons.

Addressing the beacons first – they are:
1. Minimising our carbon footprint.
2. Adopting regenerative business and farming practices to protect the environment and minimise waste of scarce resources.
3. Addressing Inequality in our immediately surrounding area.
4. Protecting the health and well being of both our staff and our guests.

In overall terms our goal is for Lindani to be enjoyed as a destination that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Its mix of products will seek to do this, each in their own way. Please note that this does not include spas and pampering services.

Though it will take time to implement all our ideas, we aim to offer the following:

  • Motseng Lodge
    Motseng will function as a flexible lodge offering full, partial and self catering and servicing. We plan to enter into business partner relationships with specialists in the health and recreation field to attract group outings in a range of fields – mountain biking, hiking, trail-running, pilates, yoga, team-building, cooking, photography and videography, birding, tree identification to name those currently on our list. These partnerships are intended to supplement the income of those leading the groups and could be on an exclusive basis. We have two possible partners in discussions with us at this stage. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. The future of Lindani is heavily dependent on improving the occupancy level at Motseng. The lodge, which has benefitted from a number of improvements, will continue to be available for large inter generational family and friendship groups.
  • Houses And Cottages
    We will continue with our standard short getaway, ‘per person per night’ business and will add to this by offering attractive weekly rates per accommodation unit that will hopefully generate longer stays. In support of this we are planning to have uncapped WIFI in all the units except Loft, Bush Camp and Molope Tented Camp. We are looking at alternative arrangements for these units. We want to open a new much less technical mtb trail and to simplify and streamline other trails as we are aware that some of our trails are intimidating for many of our riding guests. As far as the hiking trails are concerned, we have in mind variations to the existing trails that will take hikers to attractive parts of the farm they have not seen.
  • Food
    The Lindani Farm Kitchen will seek to expand as a provider of good, wholesome tasty food both to staying guests and outside customers. Makgethelo will be open for outsiders to reserve. The kitchen will be supported by farm produced venison, organic vegetables and berries and farm eggs as part of our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Staff
    Skills upgrading is going to be crucial. As part of this we will be introducing uncapped WIFI into the Staff Training Room to enable staff and their children to access the outside world of learning and gain new skills.


We cannot allow this pandemic to defeat us and are filled with hope for a better future. We welcome feedback on our intentions.

Sam van Coller
June 2020

  • Gail Maytham
    Posted at 13:58h, 23 June Reply

    Dear Sam

    Thank you for the update. Your four ‘beacons’ are excellent and do so reflect Lindani’s philosophies. We wish you all the very best. Lindani mustn’t be broken by this. It is such a special, special place and you have put so much into creating a beautiful, unique gem!

    We long to return!!!

    Warmest wishes
    Gail and Al Maytham
    Zavakanaka Farm, Louis Trichardt

  • Rob Clark
    Posted at 09:45h, 23 August Reply

    Dear Lindani
    We will continue to support and encourage you to stay the course. There is no other place like Lindani, and we your clients must ensure that you will continue to offer your unique experience to our children, their children and further down the generations.
    We tell all our friends and family about Lindani, and we are so keen to get back to the fresh Waterberg air and the peace and quiet
    Thank you for your gift
    All the best
    Rob & Pauline Clark

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