Alongside so many small businesses, the past year has been a difficult one for Lindani. The crippled economy, the income squeeze on our target-market, the emigration of a number of our guests and the drought have all taken their toll. On top of this, almost every farmer now believes they can supplement income by venturing into the hospitality business. With the competition on the rise, we had to come up with something lucrative to offer our guests.

This has caused us to take a long hard look at ourselves with the help of some outsiders with many years’ experience in the hospitality business.  From this it is evident that…

  • We need to refresh some of the lodges, particularly the older ones.
  • Improve our maintenance by introducing a planned maintenance system.
  • Make our marketing much more focussed.

All of these we will undertake as soon as 2020 gets underway.

There has also been a debate about the Lindani product; the question being whether a beautiful Waterberg farm, comfortable lodges, privacy and the freedom to get out there into the bush constitute a sufficient magnet to persuade someone who has never been here to choose Lindani over a mainstream destination. Many of our guests urge us not to change anything. At the same time all sorts of possible new magnets have been proposed.

Lindani has developed organically over 21 years within the capability of its skills. It will continue to develop organically and we have exciting thoughts on a possible new phase that will make Lindani sustainable. It is essential that we do not clutch at gimmicks, that we stick to our values and ethos and play to our strengths.

We continue to believe that, in this troubled world where life in the major urban cities are so demanding that there is a valid role for a Waterberg mountain bush-veld getaway destination where

  • Families can strengthen the bonds – so vital to mastering the demands of life in a modern city.
  • Mountain bikers can ride the very best trails instead of struggling along rough kerbsides with streams of cars rushing by.
  • Hikers can drink in the wonders around them with no other hikers in sight.
  • Trail runners can test themselves in beautiful surroundings.
  • Pensioners can be safe at a price they can afford.
  • Guests can tailor their package to their budget.


We would love to hear the thoughts of our many loyal guests.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a year in 2020 that will amaze you with all its positives.


Sam van Coller



  • Patrick Meyer
    Posted at 11:01h, 09 December Reply

    Hi Mr van Coller, We have visited Lindani I think almost 8 time already and I hope 100 time more in the future, And we have absolutely nothing to complain about, We know it is not easy in todays financial and economical climate not to mention the drought, But there is only one heaven and that is Lindani. We love Vaalwater and Lindani, we love the freedom, the privacy just everything
    With our last stay in October we saw that you plan to have camping sites. That’s awesome and if we can help to promote your lodge just say how and we will try and assist

  • Fern
    Posted at 14:40h, 09 December Reply

    Difficult decisions, to be sure. But I know with total certainty that the main appeal is the wonderful sense of having one’s own private, isolated piece of bush solitude (along with the wonderfully unobtrusive Lindani service and attention.) Once folk have been to Lindani, so many return again and again. So what’s the best way to get them to come in the first place?

  • Rob Clark
    Posted at 16:45h, 09 December Reply

    We consider Lindani our little sanctuary, we love the farm, I agree that some of the lodges need a bit of upgrading, bathrooms are a bit old and the kitchen in Stonehouse needs a revamp, the shelf with the mugs on is too high for short people like me. The wood around the sink is rotten, as you can tell Stonehouse is our favorite and we will continue to stay with you.

  • Gail Maytham
    Posted at 13:36h, 12 December Reply

    Dear Sam and the Lindani family

    We are huge fans of Lindani and, as I think I may have mentioned before, we have used your example to model our own small accommodation business in the Eastern Soutpansberg. The utter respect you show your guests by providing top quality facilities at an affordable price is so impressive! I agreee with the guests who say “Don’t change a thing!’

    I have introduced many friends and many guests of ours (who haven’t planned everything in their trip and need tips and advice) to Lindani and everyone of them was so grateful for the recommendation. So I think your idea of an introducer’s fee in the form of a discount is fabulous!

    We live in a beautiful place, but even if we spent some time in one of our lovely cottages as a break, it is still at home and therefore we are still always on duty! So, Lindani is our prefered destination when we need to get away and have a relaxing break.

    We also wish you all a safe and happy festive season and that Lindani can continue to grow from strength to strength!

    Warmest wishes

    Gail and Alistair Maytham
    Zvakanaka Farm

    P.S. We enjoy the fact that you have installed outdoor showers at some of the lodges, can we recommend that you think of putting outdoor double baths at the lodges – they are an absolute knock-out for our guests!!!

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