It's Human Rights day on 21st March. So much has been written on human rights and the cliché that human rights must be accompanied by obligations. I want to write about Lindani and a different human right - the right to be included. Over the years, Lindani has, by good fortune, drifted

As a family we have all accepted the view of scientists that human activity will bring about climate change unless all the countries of the world set and achieve agreed goals to reduce the threat. At the same time, one tends to behave as if it is some vague threat

My children have been born and raised within the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, but they feel a deep connection to the South African bush. For nearly two decades, our family has been coming to Lindani to celebrate Christmas and New Years amidst the beauty of the Waterberg. Full disclosure:

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to look back briefly at the past year, make sure we spend the Christmas break to best effect and start to think about what lies ahead in 2019. The past year has been a happy year for Lindani. Despite the

In Lindani’s early days nearly 20 years ago, when we had a lot less experience and confidence than we now have, we looked at the possibility of applying to the Tourism Grading Council for Lindani to be graded. In our investigations, we encountered a variety of bureaucratic obstacles and a

  Lindani recently received a Top Destination award at the annual Sanlam Top Destinations Banquet held during September. While obviously thrilled, we are also somewhat puzzled as to how our humble business that started by accident twenty years ago should receive recognition at a national level. The answer seems to lie in