Whenever I visit the big city, I am amazed at the stoic behaviour of city people. That human beings have decided that is the way they want to live is crazy. And yet more and more migrate to the city. I was one of those as a child – grew

Lindani - A Place of Waiting

After leaving Lindani a few weeks ago, the pack headed South – as indicated by a few brief glimpses on the way – until they appeared to be focussed on an area about 30kms South of Lindani. The manager of a large game farm known to all of us as

I read the other day that in a survey of employee attitudes, it had been found that eight out of ten employees on average are disengaged from their work. I would not have the courage to run our Game Lodges in the Waterberg in South Africa if that were the

There has been much excitement at Lindani this past month.  A pack of eleven, mostly young Wild Dogs has been visiting us on a regular basis. They joined up with the mature male that has been resident here for almost six months. What has been strange is that they seem

In May this year, it will be twenty years since we hosted our first guest at the Stone House, Lindani. It is amazing that we got past that first hurdle as the guest was drunk for most of his visit and obviously enjoyed smoking in his bath – despite our