We have been thinking of our many Lindani friends locked down in a city environment with so little real space in which to move. We have often wished for a magic wand that could just bring you here, even for a few hours, to walk in the freedom of the

When we lived in Joburg and our children were still at home, getting away over week-ends and during holidays was an essential part of our very existence. Most week-ends were spent windsurfing and birding; holidays included hiking on some of South Africa’s great hiking trails, pony trekking in Lesotho, visits

Being situated on the eastern edge of the Waterberg where the plateau starts to break up as it nears the dramatic eastern escarpment makes Lindani a wonderful hiking destination for both young and old hikers. Hikers want variety and don’t enjoy footslogging through never-ending sameness. Lindani more than meets this challenge

Alongside so many small businesses, the past year has been a difficult one for Lindani. The crippled economy, the income squeeze on our target-market, the emigration of a number of our guests and the drought have all taken their toll. On top of this, almost every farmer now believes they

There is a myth that it is so difficult to get into Lindani, it is not even worth trying! It has always been and remains a myth. We now have a choice of eleven units as distinct from nine in the immediate past. On close examination of the 2020 rates

Our new guided trail is finally ready for guests to experience. It’s approximately 11kms and has been described as ‘ruggedly challenging’ by members of the family. It has 3 steep ascents and some limited rock scrambling. The trail takes guests to seven environmentally and culturally sensitive locations, none of which