In Lindani’s early days nearly 20 years ago, when we had a lot less experience and confidence than we now have, we looked at the possibility of applying to the Tourism Grading Council for Lindani to be graded. In our investigations, we encountered a variety of bureaucratic obstacles and a

  Lindani recently received a Top Destination award at the annual Sanlam Top Destinations Banquet held during September. While obviously thrilled, we are also somewhat puzzled as to how our humble business that started by accident twenty years ago should receive recognition at a national level. The answer seems to lie in

  We all talk about protecting our heritage so that our grandchildren can experience those things of value that we cherish. But in this rapidly changing and troubled world it is very difficult to do so. Well, we have what has the potential to be a good heritage story in the

We live in a very patriarchal society so it is appropriate in Women’s Month to do a self audit on where Lindani stands in the issue of gender discrimination and abuse. Let’s start with the workplace. The table below sets out our Director and Staff mix at the three levels

Whenever I visit the big city, I am amazed at the stoic behaviour of city people. That human beings have decided that is the way they want to live is crazy. And yet more and more migrate to the city. I was one of those as a child – grew

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