Only At Lindani Lodges


Only At Lindani Lodges

“Where else can I get all this”.

My wife and I walk our dogs every morning on Lindani – in the summer, before breakfast and in the winter, after breakfast. We always try to walk on either a Hiking Trail or one of the Mountain Biking single track trails – they generally pass through the most attractive sections of the property plus the dogs find them more exciting than walking along the farm roads!

Every day we wonder at the natural beauty that surrounds us – the variety of the Waterberg’s mountain bushveld trees and the weathered sandstone rock formations are a never-ending focus. It is no wonder our Hospitality Manager says she wakes up to a new farm every day and falls in love with it all over again!
We also gain a special satisfaction when we see the tracks of hikers and mountain bikers on the trails. They are seeing and enjoying the same natural beauty that we enjoy every morning – great to know that what Lindani has to offer is being widely shared.

On one of our walks this past week, we encountered a lone guest strolling slowly along a trail with his camera and large lens looking for birds to photograph. In chatting with him, it came out that he and his wife have been visiting Lindani for almost 20 years. When we asked him why he kept coming back to Lindani, he responded, pointing to all that was around us, “Where else can I get all this and at the same time stay in my own very comfortable and completely private Waterberg accommodation way out in the bush?”

For us, he said it all.

Sam van Coller

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