Our new guided trail is finally ready for guests to experience. It’s approximately 11kms and has been described as ‘ruggedly challenging’ by members of the family. It has 3 steep ascents and some limited rock scrambling. The trail takes guests to seven environmentally and culturally sensitive locations, none of which have been available to guests in the past. In doing so, it passes through some of the more beautiful sections of the property.

Guests will meet at the big fig tree near Maroela Cottage at sunrise (a little later in winter) for coffee and rusks and then be transported to Skebenga dam where the hike starts.

The 7 Wonders

  • The ‘Noah’ wetland – the local community name, the origin of which is unknown – fed entirely by groundwater seeping from a spring-line.
  • The San Rock art site including the giraffe which inspired the Lindani logo.
  • A magnificent and very old (age unknown) Schotia Brachypetala/Molope/ Huilboerboon tree.
  • An impressive outcrop of hard quartzite caused by the heat of a diabase dyke or sill metamorphosing the surrounding Waterberg sedimentary sandstones which it intruded.
  • A deep cave, where it is suggested rainmaking ceremonies took place. The rainmakers left pots with grain and herbs for their ancestors.
  • A high cliff (50m) showing the many layers of sedimentary sandstone and the directions in which the streams flowed that brought the sandy sediments here over 1.5 billion years ago.
  • A beautiful kloof of montane forest where Yellowwood trees (Podocarpus latifolius) were harvested for the building boom that took place in Pretoria after the South African War. They are still present.

Before entering the seventh wonder, guests will be treated to ‘Lindani Farm Kitchen’ refreshments at a view site looking South of Tafelkop and Hanglip. The hike ends back at the large fig tree where guests’ cars are parked.

The hike will cost R400 per person, with a minimum charge of R1500 and subject to demand and guest preference, will not be on a single party booking basis. There is an age limit of 10 and a max of 70. These are only guidelines and will be adjusted in specific circumstances where the person concerned will clearly be able to manage the trail. Child minding at the lodge can be arranged when parents with underage children wish to go on the hike.

Guests will need to bring good walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen and water. A hiking stick could be helpful for those who prefer to use them.

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