Women At Lindani

Women At Lindani

We live in a very patriarchal society so it is appropriate in Women’s Month to do a self audit on where Lindani stands in the issue of gender discrimination and abuse. Let’s start with the workplace. The table below sets out our Director and Staff mix at the three levels of staff we have:


.                                                                 Female           Male

Director                                                      1                    1

Managers                                                   2                    2

Middle Managers                                     3                    3

General Staff                                             8                    7


We have looked at employment packages and are satisfied that there is no gender discrimination. While we do not have a formal grading system – our workforce is too small – we do monitor actual salaries to ensure there is no discrimination. There are pay differentials and theses are determined by three factors

  • Skill
  • Length of Service
  • Market


As a matter of interest we are already complying with the proposed National Minimum Wage even though no date has yet been set for its introduction.

Recently, in discussions with the staff, it was proposed and agreed that there should not be men’s work and women’s work. This has greatly helped our efficiencies and creates more opportunities for multi tasking.

We always welcome suggestions as to where we can improve. We do make it clear to all staff from time to time that all staff are of equal importance to the company.

A pleasing development at Lindani has been that, over the years, single women and groups of women have regularly been guests at Lindani, because they feel safe here.


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