While we believe everyone taking part in the Top of the Waterberg Trail Run needs to be applauded, we must give special congratulations to our winners:

Male 46kms 
1.Christiaan Steyn                    04:36:18hrs 
2.David Knight                          05:36:51hrs 
3.Phillipe Van Der Leeuw        05:30:32hrs        

Female 46kms
1.Melanie Pieterse                    05:28:38hrs
2.Debbie Blount                        05:56:24hrs 
3.Lizette Enslin                          06:24:01hrs

Male 2 Day Mini Challenge
1.Daniel Van Coller                    02:47:49hrs
2.Clive Erasmus                        03:11:58hrs 
3.Mark Cathrall                          03:15:41hrs

Female 2 Day Mini Challenge
1.Jessica Cullinan                     03:05:13hrs
2.Linda Watson                         03:16:46hrs 
3.Marilize Human                      03:21:41hrs

Male 23km Masters 
Schalk Van Der Merwe             03:12:07hrs 

Female 23km Masters 
Marietjie Van Der Merwe          03:12:05hrs 

Special mention must be made of Lindani’s own Daniel Maeme, who in came first for the 12km the Mini challenge on Sunday. 

Well done all on your wonderful performances!