Welcome everybody to 2023! I trust you all had a wonderful break over the festive season and that you have returned to work, feeling refreshed and revitalised!
Certainly at Lindani, we are back in full swing on the maintenance and repair-work routine, having had fabulous bookings over Christmas and New Year. Our new electric vehicle as purchased at the end of last year, is truly being put to the test, zooting around between the lodges – quite fun, if somewhat bumpy, according to driver, Johannes Mosima! We are trying this out as a cheaper option for running between the lodges and if it works, we may look at getting a couple more! As we have been having a period of the most glorious sunny weather, there’s lots of lovely solar power available for this.

For our January guests, the beautiful weather means they will be able to make good use of the lodge swimming pools. Having had good rains in December, the rivers are flowing strong and fast, so much fun can be had, swimming at the various picnic spots!

We are so happy to be having the Ride for Rhino group stay with us again at Motseng, at the end of January. Once again, Belinda Chaffer will be bringing a group of riders (on horse- back –not mountain bikes!) to the Waterberg, to help raise funds for rhino conservation and community support in the region. We look forward to meeting the group and trust they will have a wonderful and successful stay!

As stage 6 of country-wide power outages continues un-abated, we hope you will not find your work and home environment too stressful! Remember, if you need a quick get-away from it all, we are a mere two and a half hour’s drive away from Gauteng! Enjoy lounging around the pool(with new loungers installed in several of the lodges in December), reading a book under a spreading tree, a casual walk through shady forests or a gentle cycle in the cool of the early morning or late afternoon – with no worries about loadshedding!

Hope to see you soon!